Bitter. (Mk.1)

Nice and hoppy.

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New look, new lease of life…

So the wife and I moved house in February of this year and I’ve now settled in enough to consider getting some brews on. I mentioned this to a friend the other night and he suggested that, as I now live in Bristol, I should be changing the name/look of the brewery to fit in with the urban brewing scene (also partly influenced by the current implications of Yew Tree thanks to a certain police operation).

So enter Brewing. The full stop is important.

This is basic, unpretentious brewing. No fancy logos or marketing hype. No pun based joke names, just great beer.

I’ll be bottling the first brew on Saturday. It is called Stout. and was made with a Cooper’s stout kit. I’m starting off easy with a good kit I’ve liked before.

Tasting: Admiral’s Reserve

Just cracked a bottle of the admiral’s open and I’m pleasantly surprised because I was totally paranoid it had gone bad, but it doesn’t seem to have done. That said, it isn’t the nicest bet I’ve ever made. I’m hoping a bit of time maturing will make it nicer…

Barreling: Admiral’s Reserve

Got up early this morning to put this brew into the mini kegs. All went okay, if a little chaotically thanks to it having been a long time. The main issue is that the glass I took as a taster didn’t taste all that good. I don’t think it’s an infected kind of taste, but it wasn’t as nice as the taster I had on Friday night. Figured I’d keg it anyhow and see what it’s like after a bit of maturation…